Johannesburg Airport Car Hire

Car Hire at OR Tambo

car hire or tambo Johannesburg is a city visited for both business and leisure purposes. Both of these are better enjoyed with the use of a personal vehicle. If you are flying into the city, renting out a vehicle allows you the opportunity to get your very own car. It would stand to reason then, that you would want to have access to a hired vehicle right at the point of landing. With Johannesburg Airport car hire, this is possible. Car rental agencies are located right at the airport, giving customers a hired vehicle right from this point. To be eligible for car hire at OR Tambo Airport, one would need a valid license and means to pay for the rental.


Companies offering Car Hire at OR Tambo

  • Hertz
  • Bidvestcar hire or tambo
  • Avis
  • Capital
  • Woodford
  • Europcar
  • First Car Rental
  • Select
  • Tempest
  • Thrifty


Your vehicle choice at OR Tambo Airport

Making a choice when it comes to car hire at OR Tambo is important as it sets the tone for driving during the entire stay. Luxury car hire vehicles include sedans and SUV’s. Choose this if you value comfort and would be spending a good amount of time on the road. Cheap car hire at OR Tambo includes hatchback and standard sedans. For an affordable johannesburg airport car hirerental, these are the vehicles to rent. Group carrier vehicles are also available from Johannesburg Airport car hire companies. With these, a group can be transported at once, in just the one vehicle. It works out to be cheaper and has the advantage of being much more efficient for group travel. Another choice for car hire at OR Tambo would be a van. Single and double options are available which just means 2 and 5 seater respectively. Vans are to be hired if space is a prerequisite or if off road travel is on the cards.


Hiring a Car at OR Tambo

Car hire at OR Tambo can be done 3 ways. First would be to wait until you get to Johannesburg Airport and do a booking at the branch. It is not recommended as it would mean not having a high chance of getting your first choice vehicle or being met with a car hire or tambo booked out fleet. The second option, of telephonic booking, allows for advance booking though you will be confined to call centre times and also rack up your phone bill. It is therefore quite understandable why the third option is often used. Internet bookings are fast and easy. It can be done at any time and from any place, therefore there is no need to wait to get to Johannesburg to tackle the rental booking. Using the net is cheaper than the phone and since you would not be telling someone else of your requests, it can be done faster. Most companies offering car hire at OR Tambo Airport have a simple 3 step process for booking their vehicles.

  • The first would be to search for vehicles to be hired, which is done through a search engine. An example would be the OR Tambo website which can also be used to book flights.
  • The second would be to choose a vehicle from a list provided by the search engine along with any side products you might want to add to the rental such as waivers, child safety seats and GPS.
  • The third would be to provide some basic details to complete the rental which are personal info, contact info and payment details. Once complete, a vehicle is reserved for your time in Johannesburg.